05 Oct

know you’re busy, but also interested in marketing trends.  Let’s simplify them for you by providing just the figures.

Future Marketing Trends – By The Numbers

Marketing spends

$55 billion – number of dollars marketers will spend on interactive (display, mobile, email, social, search) channels by 2014

21% – percentage of all marketing spends that the 55 billion figure will represent

7.8 billion – amount marketers will spend on display advertising in 2009

$15.3 billion – amount marketers will spend on search marketing in 2009

$716 million – amount marketers will spend on social media marketing in 2009

4% – percentage of budget allocated to social media as compared to search in 2009

9% – amount this number will grow to by 2014

$585 million amount in 2008 marketers spent on MySpace ads

$210 million amount marketers spent in 2008 on Facebook ads

9% – amount Facebook’s ad revenue will grow in 2009

15% – amount MySpace’s ad revenue will fall in 2009

Twitter by the numbers

21% – number of Twitter accounts that are empty placeholders

94% – number of Twitter accounts with less than 100 followers

5% – percentage of users who make up a staggering 3/4 of all Twitter activity

Tuesday – the most popular day on Twitter (not a number but still an interesting fact)

62% – percentage of Twitter users from the US


2.56 billion – number of Tweets at the time of posting this (source)

22.99 million – number of unique visitors to in June of 2009 (source)

Facebook by the numbers

200 million – updated number of active Facebook users

30 million -number of those active users who access Facebook via mobile device

100 million – number of Facebook users who log in daily

66% – percentage of Facebook users who are outside of college

120 – average number of friends per user

900 million – average number of photos uploaded to the site monthly

10 million – number of videos uploaded each month

1 billion – number of pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos, etc.) shared each week

2.5 million – number of events created monthly

70% – number of Facebook users who live outside the US

950,000 – number of developers and entrepreneurs leveraging the Facebook platform

100 – number of applications that have more than 1 million active users

10,000 – number of websites using Facebook connect


LinkedIn by the numbers

41 – average age of user

$109,703 – average household income

53.5% – percentage of users with that $100k+  household income

64% – percentage of site made up of male users

34% – percentage who own a smartphone

80.1% – percent of college/post grad users

49% – percent of site made up of “decision makers”

6.5% – percent of users who are an EVP/SVP/VP

24% – percentage of users who have a Portfolio Value of $250k+

2.3 million – number of users who have more than 3 PC’s in their home

12.44 million – number of unique visitors in June, 2009

Web Video by the numbers

31% – percentage of videos viewed on a Google-owned sites

10.1 million – number of unique views on Hulu in April, 2009 according to Nielsen

10 billion – number of video streams in May, 2009, up 35% over last year

75.1 million – number of streams per viewer per month, up 20% over last year

6.05 billion – number of total streams YouTube served to 95.4 million uniques in May, 2009

Search by the numbers

13.104 billion – number of search engine queries in February of 2009

8.293 billion – number of searches which happened in Google-owned sites

2.696 billion – number of searches on Yahoo! sites

1.073 billion – number of searches on Microsoft sites

63.3% – percentage share of core searches which happened on Google sites

FriendFeed by the numbers

43,361 – number of subscribers Robert Scoble, the most popular FriendFeeder has.  He’s also the 112th most active user (at the time of posting this).

930 – number of subscribers Anika Malone, the most active FriendFeed user has.  She has 29,967 comments and 22,980 likes.

7,509 – number of subscribers the most popular room on FriendFeed has

1 million- number of unique visitors FriendFeed eclipsed in May, 2009

Wikipedia by the numbers

65 million – approximate number of visitors attracted monthly as of 2009

75,000 – number of active contributors

1,669 – number of site administrators

13 million – number of articles those contributors have worked on

260 – the number of languages articles have been written in on Wikipedia

318.75 milliontotal number of edits made to Wikipedia pages

Blogs by the numbers

133,000,000 – number of blogs indexed by Technorati since 2002

346,000,000 – number of people globally who read blogs (comScore March 2008)

900,000 – average number of blog posts in a 24 hour period

3.33 million– number of RSS subscribers to TechCrunch, the most popular Technology blog (July, 2009)

77% – percentage of active Internet users who read blogs

81 – number of languages represented in the blogosphere

59% – percentage of bloggers who have been blogging for at least 2 years

(same source as the last roundup)

Digg by the numbers

38.9 million – number of uniques Digg attracted in June, 2009 (source)

56% – percentage of frontpage allegedly controlled by top 100 users

20 – number of individuals who allegedly control 25% of frontpage content


If there are any numbers specifically you want to see in future versions of these, let me know and I’ll try and find them.

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