25 Feb

Business-to-consumer: Specialty Color Services.
This photo retail business decided to use Facebook to promote their business and to showcase how much they care about their work and the photography industry. They wanted to show how much they adored their passionate, enthusiastic and loyal customers in the process. They used Facebook to get their message out: Photograph your love. They spread the word about a contest built around that theme. Participants were encouraged to upload photos representing their interpretation of Photography your love to the Specialty Color Services Facebook page. In the process, they would “Become a Fan” on Facebook and via word-of-mouse, encourage others to do the same.

When the contest ended in January 2009, Specialty Color Services had received almost 2,000 entries, boosting business and re-creating the community feel that owners Gabe Cano and Glen Hodges said they missed from their days running a smaller photo business. They also posted videos on Facebook (such as one in which Gabe talked about the store’s Valentine’s Day services). Since he began doing the videos, Gabe said that when people call the store and recognize his voice, they want to talk. He finds this to be an “amazing level” to achieve with a customer he may never have met.
Now, they have a forum for customers to come and share their love, and to establish relationships with customers beyond the retail transaction. The store said they are able to add to their level of authenticity, something they can’t get from a Web site or e-mail campaign. In the end, Gabe and Glen are photofinishers and do tell their customers it’s critical to print their pictures and store them.

and catalog them. “And when you build that trust with them through Facebook, they’ll be more willing to do that,” he said.
Business-to-consumer: IntenCity Global. Bryce Gruber, the owner of this marketing and public relations firm in New York, used Facebook to draw more than 300 people to an opening party for a clothing store that expected would only attract 150 to 200 people. She said the people who learned about the party through Facebook bought several thousand dollars in merchandise. Her approach is to post information and reminders about her events regularly, and to upload plenty of party pictures afterward. Each day, she gets 20 to 30 messages on her wall and keeps that going with quick replies. The effort means she shows up often in her Facebook friends’ news feeds, where people are notified of their friend’s activities on Facebook.

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