Niche Social Networking Environments.

25 Feb

There are niches in social networking, just as there are niches in business. These have exploded, springing up to cater to people’s interests, backgrounds, professions and age groups. For many bloggers, niche sites offer more targeted links and a much smaller base of competition. According to a eMarketer, of the millions spent to advertise on social networks. 8.2 percent went to niche sites in 2008 went to niche sites, up from 7 percent in, for example, has become a destination for companies that make luxury goods and want to reach people who can afford them. These niche sites are as diverse as people’s interests, from Dogster for people who are passionate about their dogs and their computers, to for people over 40, to Active Rain for real estate agents and mortgage professionals.
Examples include:
• Fuzzster, a social networking site for your cats, dogs or other fuzzy pets.
• NurseLinkUp, geared to nurses.
• MOG, which targets music lovers.
• Iliketotallyloveit for shopping aficionados.
• Mixx, which prides itself on being “you link to the Web content that really matters.”
• Small Business Brief; provides valuable exposure and legitimacy. When members post entrepreneur-related articles, a photo and link to their profi
Of course, niche sites exist in all areas, such as sports, technology, business, entertainment, art and design and social causes as well.

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