Photo, Slideshow and Media Sharing Environments

25 Feb

Photosharing on a broad basis is the publishing or transfer of a user’s digital photos online, enabling the user to share them with others (whether publicly or privately). This functionality is provided through both Web sites and applications that facilitate the upload and display of images. The term can also be loosely applied to the use of online photo galleries set up and managed by individual users. Their appeal is in their free or low cost means of sharing photos and ease of incorporation into personal blogs and Web sites.
Why Media Sharing Matters to Marketers:
Sharing photos isn’t the only type of static (non-video) visual media that’s proving successful and useful for marketers. Sharing documents such as PDFs and PowerPoint files through document sharing sites like,, Slideshare, and others has become a way of driving traffic, reaching new prospects and adding a new range or portability to documents, like large PowerPoint files, that can sometimes be clumsy to share with an audience let alone use as content fodder for search engines.
Tools for Sharing Photos, Slides and other Media
There is a maze of tools for sharing media and content but the
following are the ones that are most often used for documents,
photos and slideshows.

• SlideShare is the world’s largest
presentation-sharing community,
allowing people to publicly
or privately share Word documents
or PowerPoint presentation.
In the process, individuals
and organizations share their
ideas, connect with others and
generate leads for their businesses.
Visit SlideShare at www.
• Photobucket is a media sharing and hosting site that allows users to store thousands of
photos and hours ov video to share with friends and family. Users can link their images and
videos to their blog, social networking sites, etc., use the site as repository for photos needed
for listings on eBay or Craigslist and easily print quality images from their albums. Visit Photobucket
• Piczo technology allows users the ability to create comprehensive personal Web sites that
don’t require html code or programming know-how. Its Web sites look professional, feature
a home page and other Web site contents such as photos, text, guestbooks, chat boxes,
music and more. Piczo caters to teens who want to express themselves and build personal
communities in a safe online environment. It’s purported to be easy to use and very flexible
for members who want to design their sites and spotlight their creativity. Visit Piczo at www.
• Flickr is an image and video hosting Web site, Web services suit and online community platform.
Not only is it a popular Web site for users who want to share personal photographs,
but also a widely used service by bloggers who use it as a photo repository. As of November
2008, it claimed to host three billion images. Visit Flickr at
• SmugMug is a photo sharing site that has come into favor with several commercial organizations
interested in sharing photos on the web as some sites like Flickr have kicked off organizations
sharing images explicitely for commercial purposes (in spite of the many commercial
images still on Flickr). SmugMug is an ad-free environment that has gotten national acclaim
for its business-friendly photo sharing & hosting environment, which includes an account
with unlimited storage. You can find SmugMug at
What’s Next for Media Sharing?
It’s easy to see that companies will want to share nearly any type of media that they create in
an online environment. Look for the continued merger of content and document types as holistic
“content packages” (similar to the Slidecast that you create on on SlideShare by uploading
audio along with your presentation).

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