How facebook helped me trace lost twins

09 Mar

It all started on when perusing through our dailies here in Kenya one story really caught my interest.
What really moved about the story was the fact that the Mother of the twins did not know whether the kids were alive or not, being that they had been taken to Switzerland at a tender age and she had no contact and financial capability to track the kids her final plea was to the Swiss Embassy here in Kenya and The Kenya foreign affairs Ministry to help her track the Twins.
Now that’s when I decided to act, initially I undertook the first measure by searching the Twins names on the internet but I came out with nothing as the names were nowhere to be found on the net.
My second instinct wasn’t actually face book but to try Google once again and its on Google while searching the boy’s name that I came up with a like he had in mutual with one of his friends.
I quickly looked up his profile on fb and saw on his relative list name a similar name to the twin sister.
I knew I had found the! I quickly contacted the both via fb message and for days they did not respond.
I contacted the writer of the story and he made arrangements to open the Mother of the twins an fb account where she made a friend request to the twins .
The boy responded by confirming and they chatted on phone last week and are planning a re-union though he lives in Switerzland and The sister lives in Indonesia.They were in touch for the first time in 9 years.Thanks to facebook.

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