What is Purpose?

22 Mar

What exactly is purpose? One of my favorite definitions comes from Becoming a Professional Life Coach by Patrick Williams and Diane S. Mendendez: “[Purpose is] our compelling reason for living. It gives meaning to our work and our life. It guides our choices. Some people describe their purpose as their ‘calling.’ Whatever we call it, it profoundly shapes the direction of our life.”

Just enduring life without passion, meaning, and purpose will keep you stuck in the same old patterns that led you to addiction. It can also be a contributing factor in developing depression, anxiety, physical illnesses, and mental health issues. So often, my clients will come to my office believing they have some type of mental illness, such as depression, and in fact, some do. However, some of them simply lack direction or motivation.

When you have a sense of your own identity and vision of where you want to go in your life, you then have the basis for reaching out to the world and going after your dreams for a better life.
–From You Can Make It Happen Every Day, by Stedman Graham.

One of the biggest reasons you keep yourself from moving forward and finding your purpose is fear–fear of rejection, the unknown, failure, or even fear of success. When you live in fear, you are sure to be putting out negativity into the universe. How can anything positive come out of constantly living in fear? Your self-sabotaging thoughts will return to you exactly the pessimism you are vibrating.

Often the fear of what the future will bring is rooted in things that have happened in the past that you hold on to and continue to worry about. And often fear of the future is not based on reality. In twelve-step programs, fear is known as an acronym for FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. In other words, you worry about problems that don’t even exit.

There is no possibility of living a purposeful life if you are not living in the present, where you can take action, achieve your goals, and fulfill your dreams.

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