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Digital inclusion is an important learning tool for children and teenagers currently. This topic has become even more important in EMEA because of most countries’ economic gap and need to empower her youth digitally in readiness for an improved technological future.

Thinnetworks drastically reduces the cost of computing by allowing multiple people to simultaneously share a single computer and provides an ideal platform for the Microsoft Windows Multipoint Server. With over 1 million virtual desktops deployed in several countries, Thinetworks’ virtual desktops have transformed the way educators and businesses deliver computing resources.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Thinnetworks collaborated on early product testing, tuning and validation to ensure the best user experience possible. Microsoft WMS 2011 brings the Windows 7 computing experience to every student and productivity worker and powerful tools for administrators to simplify user setup and management, while Thinnetworks devices drastically reduces the cost of computing by allowing multiple people to simultaneously share a single computer. Thinnetworks offers the industry’s broadest support of Microsoft WMS 2011 in desktop virtualization environments including USB, PCI and Ethernet. As well as its Wee Client and Mini-point desktop virtualization devices, Thinnetworks vertical market ‘In A Box’ solutions including Classroom In a Box for education markets and Office In A Box for SMB markets will support Microsoft WMS 2011.

“Working together, Microsoft and Thinnetworks have delivered shared computing solutions that can help more students and teachers gain access to the latest technology and embrace “21st Century Skills” in the classroom. In the world of education, this means schools can advance higher learning and trim budgets at the same time. In fact, a recent Forrester study[1] commissioned by Microsoft showed that schools can triple their reach without increasing budget, thanks to a 66% reduction in the overall costs using Windows Multipoint Server 2011. With Windows Multipoint Server 2011 schools could expect to realize significant savings in hardware, energy consumption and costs, as well as in labor and maintenance.” Said Chris Phillips, General Manager, Windows Server and Solutions Division, Microsoft

“Thinetworks is uniquely positioned to expand the desktop virtualization market. We are accomplishing this through deepening our technology integration and go-to-market partnerships with key industry leaders such as Microsoft. When you combine Microsoft WMS 2011 and Thinetwork devices desktop environments, previously unviable desktop computing deployments are viable. In the world of education and SMBs, this better together advantage translates to being able to multiply computer access by 3 to 30 fold – for less, much less.”

Thinetworks has deployed 1 million virtual desktops in several countries. The company is a leading provider of virtualization in South American education market; it has virtualized desktop deployments in over 50,000 schools in Brazil; and has partnered with the Ministry of Education in Brazil to provide 400,000 virtual desktops in schools throughout the country to realize the country’s vision of a computer for every child. In addition to a significant installed base in education, Thinetworks is making major strides in market size, scale and scope of desktop virtualization deployments in SMB and large enterprise environments. Thinetworks is helping accelerate adoption of desktop virtualization through collaborative initiatives with Microsoft and Citrix, and looking to adopt strategic partnerships with OEMs and by partnering with IT resellers to provide ‘out of the box’ solutions comprising all the software infrastructure, hardware and services required for specific projects.
The EMEA markets offers an opportunity for major shared resource computing projects hence Thinnetworks venture to partner with distributor and project implementers.
Kenya ,Nigeria,South Africa , Ghana and Asia provide some of the greatest opportunities hence our underlying key goal to Partner with players in these Markets.

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We are proud to announce our Partnership with ThinGlobal and as the only Africa Distributor with our Head office located in Nairobi Kenya.

Our Key objective would be to strive that schools in Kenya initially benefit from these huge automation opportunity which we envision will involve both public and private schools.

With the experience of implementing the Worlds largest digitalisation project with over 300,000 seats ,ThinGlobal technical expertise will come in handy for the Kenya and Africa set-up.

We are excited to be the Kenyan firm shortlisted for these ambitious venture.

Press Release
Cases of success: Ministry of Education
Now a days the digital inclusion Idea is giving proportions. Thinglobal is the first company to supply multiterminals and thin clients following the changes of the world finding more efficient solutions in IT and being ecologically responsible for reducing investments and creating digital inclusion.
With more than 20 years of experience, Thinglobal contributes in accelerating the digital inclusion process in the World. This effort is being reflected in two countries sharing the same continent – Brazil and Nicaragua. You would never imagine that these two countries have such similar challenges. In Brazil’s case the Ministry of Education decided to launch an innovative social Project. They provided a better communication and Access to technology to students in public schools in more than 5500 municipalities.
In Nicaragua´s case the Teran Foundation along with the Nicaragua`s Government accepted the challenge to accelerate the digital inclusion . The access to computers was brought to distant communities with a small number of resources. This permitted the integration in a globalized world.
The project´s concept is to offer the digital Access to students with a small number of resources, being able to enjoy the Best out of it. Even with the intention of concluding the Project, in both countries there were obstacles that were overcome.
• Logistic in computers distribution
• Nationwide customer –service
• Nonexistent Infrastructure
• Limited Budget
• Instable energy system
• Limited space within the schools
• Difficulty in accessing the school due to poor highway maintenance
• Distant school location


Today there are more 400.000 installed desktops around Brazil and we preview that by the end of 2011 these numbers will duplicate. Using Thinglobal´s SRH the ministry of education of Brazil and Teran Foundation were able to save 60% in Hardware acquisition and 80% in electricity consumption. When you add the results it is important to consider the cost reduction related to support and maintenance.
SRC´s Future:

With this vision Thinglobal develops an SRC technology focused on the reduction of operational investment and launches one more product- Multiuser PC Server.
This multiterminal solution that unifies Hardware and software enables the users to work with 10 connected stations on the same multiterminal computer. These labs are commercialized acard and mouse available including the Windows multipoint Server operational system pre-installed from fabric.

We are proud to announce partnership and distribution SYNERGY with Major projects in Africa and especially Kenya.

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