14 Jun

It’s one thing to mandate schools to increase computer access; it’s quite
another to carry it out efficiently and cost-effectively. Schools immediately
began evaluating their budgets and technologies that might help them
achieve their goal. For many, the up-front purchase price was is not their only
concern. One educator explained: “When we were using a standard desktop
PC at every station, we had lots of maintenance issues. So much so that we
had to contract a separate company to support and maintain them. This
became very costly.”

While limited funds is a primary concern, there were two additional
challenges in choosing a computing solution for the classrooms—reducing
the computer’s space requirement and lowering maintenance costs.

Beyond the cost and maintenance improvements, the schools in EMEA and Africa have noticed another key benefit of ThinGlobal virtual desktops—happier students. A primary school in Africa used to have old desktop PCs that were slow, constantly breaking down, and could not run the latest application software. The school installed the PCI-series Cards on two new PCs. The result was a modern fourteen-seat computer lab with the latest software and functionality.

A teacher reports that, “The children now enjoy and look forward to doing
their work in the computer lab. Before it was very slow and we were limited
in the programs we could use.”
Schools that purchase the ThinGlobal solution get an added benefit:
they can put their savings to better use and have diverted money meant to buy PCs to other core ventures and also used their savings to replace bulky, energy-consuming CRT monitors with new LCD flat panels. This increased desk space and lowered total cost of ownership and electrical cos

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