Education-Innovation In ICT -No Student Left Behind – A Reality by 2015?

22 Jun
Education-Innovation In ICT -No Student Left Behind – A Reality by 2015?

ICT use in education is at a particularly dynamic stage in Africa, which means that there are new developments and announcements happening on a daily basis somewhere on the continent. Our teams have worked to identify the challenges & constraints faced by African countries with a growing commitment to ICT in education.
Interest in Shared resource computing is growing rapidly in Africa, however a lack of skilled personnel to support such deployments & applications has been a constraint. We have built teams whose core strengths are the implementation & support of shared resource computing solutions.
We know there are huge gaps between urban and rural areas in terms of access to ICT infrastructure. Access to a reliable supply of electricity is a general problem in some countries, but is particularly sever in rural areas because of difficulty of connecting to the national electrical grids. As well there is a lack of capacity to provide ICT training & equipment servicing.
Given that in some African countries, the cost of a generic PC is equivalent to a teacher’s salary for 8-10 months, cost effective solutions are key for administrators to meet the expectations to provide students with ICT access. Faced with budget contraints & limited access to IT support staff, there is a need to get the maximum value from ICT investments.

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