07 May

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 Governments are now one of the most important ICT promoters and consumers, through e-government, education, Science & Technology Systems~ public health, social plans, and economic plans.

Hence the recent push by EMEA countries and especially African governments to embrace diverse technologies in enabling automation i.e shared resource computing is seen by observers as gearing to input shared resource computing on most of these governments ICT  Policy.

With massive funding for education based projects in the works the two pioneer players in the shared computing space are braced for seizing up market-share.

While N-computing had a head start a has heavily sold in the African and Asian Markets,LG has re-invented the market with the Network monitor which we delve into vis-a vi the N-computing L230.


Main Advantages of USeries Cloud Monitor Vs L300/L230 + XXX Screen option

 ·Our offering is a <All in one Monitor unit> i.e. "Zero Client Cloud
 Monitor" , you do not need a external Box (Zero Client) and a Monitor

 ·One less Power connection per station . Since the L300 also needs a power
 input. So for 35 labs X no. of stations in each lab , you have substantial

 ·No need for VSpace and the problems associated with it. VSpace has a
 legacy of bugs and unstable operation…Just google “Vspace problems” and
 its future mishaps

 ·Color Resolution in Monitors with feed from L300 is maximum 24 Bit, but
 with our solution it is 32 Bit… Real difference in feeling of a native

 ·Also you should understand that the Monitor +L300+Vspace solution
 performance is also dependent on Switch + Cable (100MB / 1 GB etc). But
 with 5M USB cable which comes bundled with our Monitors, there is no need
 for Network Cable /Switch etc ; also the avg data transfer speed between
 PC and Monitor is 480 MBPS Vs only 100 MBPS in case of Cat5 Cable between
 Switch and the Monitor. Also You need to mandatorily have 1GB (Cat6) cable
 between Switch and Host PC.

 ·USB , Daisy Chain is supported… hence very little cabling in the
 classroom. In other case LAN cable has to run from Switch to all Monitors.
 NOTE:That the USB cables can also run in the trunkings as they wont be

 · Our “U” Series solution is well tested and proven with Microsoft MPS
 (WMS2011 64Bit), offers very High Speed…performance ; no confusion on
 performance with various OS like VSpace; Plus it is also headache to
 install as there is no Registration process involved , like in VSpace..

 ·Our “U” Series monitor is a LED Monitor, with many unique advantages
 physically itself….

 Main Disadvantages of USeries Cloud Monitor Vs L230/L300+ SS Screen option

 ·Instead of Ethernet connection , we are using USB Connection , so there is
 a distance restriction of Max 15 m from the host node..But this does not
 limit us in creating multiple clusters and joining them on the LAN using
 WMS2011. So in a way, distance is not a constraint…

 · With L300/L230 they claim to connect 30 monitors to one PC , but in
 practice that is very difficult to achieve and usual deployments are all
 <20 Users, Max ~ 25
 Users. In our case we commit max 15 Users (Cloud Monitors) on one PC
 against clear directive from Microsoft…It is a safer and solid design.
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