Promising Shared Resource Computing for Schools From LG

28 Jan



Shared Resource Computing has mutiplied and continues to multiply the number of student workstations available at a much lower price point than individual desktops, laptops or netbooks,what we are witnessing automation at lowest entry cost to institutions and the education sector as a whole. The total cost of ownership (TCO) is lowered by deploying fewer fully configured computers and by reduced workstation support liabilities.

Like other SRC products, the LG network monitor bundled with windows microsoft server offering is not a one-size-fits-all solution. LG anticipated deployment is in classrooms, computer laboratories and libraries, and does not replace fully configured or mobile PCs. The ease of set-up and management capabilities are promising features for classrooms, labs and libraries.

Empowering teachers to manage (or customize) the classroom environment without needing or relying on technical assistance will likely facilitate tighter alignment of computing resources with instructional strategies.

Our objective is to partner with like-minded partners and also offer to show what projects we currently are running.

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