Why eLearning On Tablets?

09 May

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Mobile is the future of workplace learning. That is far beyond a mere statement, mobile learning is transforming our societies, professional curriculums – even the education system.

It is the intersection of mobile device consumption and eLearningthat incorporates anytime, anywhere resources to deliver meaningful performance support for effective learning and performance improvement.

Tablets are no longer limited to entertainment – such as watching videos or playing games; they are an integral part of organizational L&Dactivities across businesses of all sizes and industries. Tablets are the fastest growing segment in the mobile device category and are predicted to soon eclipse PC sales as well.

Tablet-based Learning provides a unique combination of ‘serious work’ and ‘mobility’ in a single device. What has and continues to evolve is compelling – merging learning with work.

Upside Learning is passionate about mobile and tablet learning. We have been at…

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