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3 Ways To Integrate Technology in Classrooms


Many of us have become dependent on technology and its presence on our life, that we find ways to integrate technology to the perfection in every walk of our life. Systems within the schools are demanding changes. This is probably why technology integration in learning environment is necessary. Learning improves and flipped classrooms gets boost thanks to comfortable integration of technology in classrooms.

There’s a way in which technology can be successfully integrated in classrooms such that it seems profitable to the students.

Vision For Change

Spending on technology for your classrooms requires you to decide the outcome of integration of technology in classroom. What is your vision for successful integration of technology? This is probably the first step towards integrating technology. Spending without vision would mean unnecessary spending to improve a system that you have barely understood

Aging systems in schools can make you desperate to integrate technology, but you need to know what the current system works like, and what kind of improvisations you are planning to bring in with the new technology integration. Once that is known, you can successfully rope in technology within classrooms.

Empower Students

The technology that you tend to bring into classrooms should be capable of empowering students. The students should be able to analyze, think and create new things based on the technological improvisations brought in by the school. Make sure you don’t unnecessarily restrict the use of technology in your classrooms such that students are unable to innovate and create. Most technology integration in classrooms make this sort of mistake.

In-Depth Training

When you are training school staff as well as students to use the technology that you have integrated in classrooms, you need to rope in more than just explaining the module. You need to provide hands on training as well as in depth training on the various modules of using the technology.

You will need to make technology training comfortable for the teachers as well as students. Integration of technology is an ongoing process which will need varied kinds of training at different times. The technology integration should take care of the varied skill levels displayed by people and take care of it.

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